Horse transportation - our prices and conditions
Horse transporter DAF with trailer

  • Invoicing for your horse transport is based upon optimal distance calculated by route planner, so costs are traceable for you. We bear expenses for detours.
  • We make those detours for your horse’s sake, in order to assure a comfortable journey without stress for your horse
  • There will be no additional costs for time-consuming loading of  our “sophisticated passengers”
    (up to 2 hours, if it takes more time 20,00 EUR per hour will be charged or we cancel loading upon your request)
  • Usually this is not a problem because we use long-term experience, our culinary tricks and we handle horses with love
  • Feeding, water and regular breaks are included in our service
  • If you like to learn more about horse transportation, horse trailers and truck horse transport, click here

Prices – horse transport: Reanult Master (3,5to)

  • Empty running – only 0,62 EUR/km will be charged
    Transportation – 0,72 EUR/km
    The prices include 19 %VAT

Prices – horse transport: truck horse transport

  • Empty running – 1,00 EUR/km will be charged
    Transportation – 1,00 EUR/km
    Price is valid up to 2 horses, price for 3 and more horses available on request
    The prices include 19 % VAT

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Transparency due to route planner

You can check the distance and  duration of the trip by yourself. Enter the starting point and the destination point of the journey in the following form. Click on “get route”, a new window will open, here you can chose a route planner (for example ViaMichelin)

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